Welcome to Assassin's Costume. On this website you can follow detailed tutorials how to make your own costume from the Assassin's creed game series

Get started

If you are here for the first time you might want to get a little bit familiar with this website, so let's guide you through some basics.

You can find all costumes in the menu bar aon top. When you hold you cursor on a costume a list will appear, that list contains all costume parts. You can click on a part to see a tutorial how to make it. You can also click the costume name itself to show the complete costume.

About the tutorials

Now lets get a bit more into the tutorials itself. For most of the costume I used the 'basic' costume from the game, so the clothes where you start the game with. For most of the costumes I make blueprints, these blueprints are on this website as well, you can find them on each tutorial page. For the designs I use all kinds of reference: pictures, videos, acion figures and the game itself of course. To understand what you are making, you might want to use these references as well, they all help you a lot to get an idea how things should look like.

Alright, that's the basics about costume designing, now let's talk about creating a costume. For the tutorials you need some basic knowledge about:
  • Sewing (using a sewing machine)
  • metal crafting
  • leather crafting
If you don't know the basics, I recommend to search some tutorials online.

Most parts are made by myself, but in some cases I bought a part, for example: buying a trousers is cheaper and easier than buying fabrics and make the trousers yourself. To make a long story short: making costumes doesn't always mean you have to start from scratch.

Also, take your time. Wearing a costume is awesome, but you should also have fun making them. It's useless to rush and do things wrong all the time. Just take a good look what you are doing and take the time to think ahead. Also keep in mind that my tutorials are guides, not hard instructions. Every person is different. We all have different bodies, different methodes and different ways of thinking. Don't always follow my turorial like it has to be an 1 to 1 copy. Nothing is wrong about adding your own ideas.

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Alright, that's all I can say now. I hope you have a great time making costumes, and I wish you good luck.
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