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Template store

'Templates' are full-size patterns which are spread over multiple A4 or U.S. Paper sheets. A template can be downloaded as PDF document and is available in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Once a template is printed out, the sheets can be taped together and cut out. You can then use the template to trace it on fabric, leather, metal or other material.

There are templates available for most costume parts. The templates are exported from the same program used to make the templates for the tutorial, so the difference between the templates you find in this store and used in a tutorial is almost nothing.

Each template will cost just a small amount. This amount is used to keep this site running and buying new materials for new costume tutorials. After you purchased a template it will be linked to your account and available for download as many times as you want.

"Why do you offer templates and not just complete costumes?"
Every week there are loads of requests for complete costumes. Assassin's Costume is not a big company that can make lots of costumes. I simply do not have the resources and time to create a costume for all requests. The template store gives people an oppertunity to create their own costume. By creating it yourself you can customize it how you want it. Beside that it gives way more satisfaction than just buying a ready-to-use costume :)

Below is a list of all costumes I made so far, click one to see all available templates related to the costume. Click the pouch (=cart) to see all your selected templates and check-out. At this moment only PayPal is supported as paying method. PayPal is commonly used around the world and offers a save paying envoirement for both the buyer and seller. Prices are in euros but payments can be made in any valuta.

Watch an instructional video about the template store and how templates work.