1 june, 2023

Dear Visitor,

Assassinís Costume has stopped its service.

Started in 2009 by me -an Assassinís Creed enthusiast-, Assassinís costume was a source for costume ideas and plans based on the well-known Assassinís Creed game series. Many cosplayers (and alike) used the platform as a base for their costume.

Throughout the recent years my personal situation changed. For a while now, no new content has been published. The website was kept online for everyone who liked to use it as source for their costumes. However, keeping it online meant cost and effort for hosting and (security) updating. In the past years the amount of visitors has declined to only a handful. This made me decide to take the Assassinís Costume offline. It gives me the ability to focus more on other things in life.

Some tutorials used blueprints to aid the creation of costume parts. All blueprints from this website have been moved to here. That way they will still be available in the future.

Last but not least: I will not disappear completely. If you want to contact me for any further questions, feel free to write an email. I will always be willing to answer your question or help you out.

ďNothing is true; everything is permittedĒ